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1 •    Blue Babies Pink is a story.

It has a start, middle, and end. It’s designed to be read sequentially, in order, from first episode to last. (I recommend starting at Prologue Part Two before starting Episode 1).

2 •    Blue Babies Pink will be true.

I will tell the story with the highest regard for truth—sticking as close to the actual events and thoughts as I can. I will not fabricate or embellish. Recalling old memories can be tough, so I'll make every effort to confer with other people who were there. 

3 •    Blue Babies Pink will be beautiful.

Telling this story with good prose, good design, and beautiful photography is a priority. In this way, I hope to take a journey that has been so dark for me, and make it light for others—beauty for ashes. (Be sure to check out Sterling Graves, my amazing photographer.)

4 •    Blue Babies Pink includes real events and real people.

I will make every effort to contact those who may appear in episodes to give them a heads up. Out of respect, I also reserve the right to change the names of people who may appear in certain memories/events. In these cases, I will let the reader know that their name was changed.

5 •    Blue Babies Pink represents my thoughts only...

So I don’t speak for any larger group (all gays, all Christians, etc). Everyone's story is very different. This is my personal story accompanied by my opinions on a variety of issues. There are commonalities in the stories of many LGBT people, but please don't project my story on someone else's. If you are trying to understand your LGBT loved one, I recommend you start by asking questions about their story. 

Additionally, many other writers, thinkers, and pioneers have come before me, and have inspired me in my journey. I stand on their shoulders. 

6 •    Furthermore, I am not...

  • A theologian
  • A therapist
  • An expert on human sexuality

I may have some opinions on these issues, but I'm not an expert. Not even close. There are lots of experts out there, and I'd encourage you to consult with them.

Last thought...

I am a man—broken, incomplete, flawed.

I have done the best I can to tell a beautiful story.

I am doing the best I can to inspire thoughtful conversations that I will never be a part of.

I am doing the best I can to use my God-given gifts to bring a little light into the world.

I hope you are doing the same. 

Shine on, You Crazy Diamonds,

- Brett 👊