For nine years, B.T. Harman kept a secret journal of thoughts on being gay and Christian, knowing one day he'd shout the story he feared most.

One Tuesday morning, he logged on Facebook and began shouting...

He started by publishing a Gossip Guide to his sexuality—a cheeky way to let friends know his secret. He then began sharing the vivid details of his story through a 44-episode memoir, published as one episode per day. Each episode combined visually-rich prose and stunning photography. He called the story Blue Babies Pink. 

Within days, word began to spread. Though there was no advertising or major publicity, people began to share the story through social media. Thousands of readers tuned in, eagerly waiting for the daily installment to be released. Several readers called it "the Netflix of blogs."

To date, Blue Babies Pink has drawn nearly 100,000 readers from around the world and spawned a 2,200 mile, five city “Bookless Tour." In 2017, the series released as a podcast and hit number one on the iTunes Religion/Spirituality chart and the top 50 of all podcasts worldwide. To date, Blue Babies Pink podcast episodes have been downloaded over 1,000,000 times.

The entire Blue Babies Pink series lives on, and hundreds of new readers still binge-read the story each month.

The story resonates deeply with five groups in particular...

1 |     Straight people trying to understand their LGBT friends better

"Your writing is so real. When I say you've opened my eyes, I mean that I understand more, I care more, and I don't believe I will ever see this whole issue in the same way again.” — BBP Reader


"I have so many friends who should read your words and I am going to share your blog on my FB page.” — BBP Reader

2 |     Closeted gay people of faith

"Thank you so much for writing this. Sometimes it feels like reading through my own journals.”


"When I found your story it made me feel okay about where I am. I know I am not alone and there are other guys like me who are working through the same stuff.”

3 |     Christians trying to love their gay friends while valuing Scripture

"Thank you! I'm from Oklahoma, a diehard southern baptist, conservative republican and college football is the bomb! Your storytelling style is exactly what we need to usher people like me through very uncomfortable territory."


"I am a Christian but feel very confused on the topic of homosexuality. I'm intrigued about your journey and experiences as a Christian who happens to be gay. I am reading with an open mind so I can better relate to others that aren't like me.”

"I've shared your website with one of my oldest & dearest friends. Many things about your story are very similar to his. He knows I love him but he also knows there are a lot of things I don't understand & your story has helped.”

4 |     Parents of gay children


“I am the conservative Christian mother of a beloved son who came out to us last year. Reading your story is like reading my son's. I have shared your blog with my family, who are not accepting of our son. Prayerfully, your story will help them understand. Thank you for your heartfelt words. They bring peace to a mother new to this journey.”  

5 |     People who like good storytelling

“I was hooked after reading just the intro. I’m now a few episodes in and it’s hard to put down. Someone else referred to it as ’the Netflix of blogs.’ I agree.”


“Your writing is captivating and illustrious. It's easy to read and visualize in a tangible way.”

A few highlights from the series...

  • Episode 1 — The story begins on a rainy night in Alabama as a group of Baptists march through the night with rams' horns in hands, praying for the miracle of a lifetime.

  • Episode 4 — A dark movie theater and a first kiss.

  • Episode 6 — A bizarre spiritual encounter on the floor of a church in Pensacola, Florida.

  • Episode 7 — B.T. is crushed by the worst news of his life.

  • Episode 11 — The most emotional episode from the series.

  • Episode 12 — "Boobs have always kinda freaked me out. They're very scary to me, and the thought of touching one is like the thought of touching a wet bag of earthworms."

  • Episode 15 — Everyone deals with their pain somehow. Brett discloses his coping mechanism of choice.

  • Episode 16 — "No one really knows you Brett, and if they did, they wouldn't love you."

  • Episode 21 — B.T. hears a friend say something about gay people he will never forget.

  • Episode 23 — Inexplicably, B.T. unlearns how to throw a football.

  • Episode 24 — Practice for a lifetime of loneliness begins—at an isolated cabin in the mountains and at a football stadium surrounded by 100k people.

  • Episode 26 — Can God make a gay person straight?

  • Episode 27 — A photo tour of B.T.’s 2010 trip to Europe and an unforgettable night in London's oldest pub.

  • Episode 29 — B.T. has the hardest coming out conversation of his life + a lesson on how to respond when your child comes out to you.

  • Episodes 31 & 32 — B.T. devises a two part plan for survival as a gay Christian.

  • Episode 34 — Thoughts on singleness and paying people to touch you.

  • Episode 36 — Trips to the emergency room.

  • Episode 40 — B.T. appears on a Christian TV show and disaster strikes.

  • Episode 43 — "I sprinted down that path, through the trees, all the way out to the boat dock—heaving, shaking, and sobbing as I ran. I felt like I might choke, fighting for breath. My face poured wet salt onto the summer grass below."